Get rid of migraine: 3 things to always remember

Migraine is believed to be the distress of many people. Why do you say this? Because, apart from the secondary migraine caused by certain diseases, we still can't find the cause of most people's primary migraine. Just find some incentives such as genetics, environment, mood, and diet from some clinical data. So, how do we deal with migraine?

  Get rid of migraine, remember 3 words: record, adjust, avoid

  1.   Record: Just like a diary, record as much detail as possible about each activity before the onset of a headache, such as what you have eaten, whether your sleep is good, or if you are experiencing things that make you feel stressed. Waiting for these can help us diagnose and provide reasonable advice when seeking medical help.
  2.   Adjustment: The adjustment here, especially the adjustment of emotions. Studies have shown that 70% of migraine headaches are due to stress-induced factors. There is a significant relationship between the stress level of five to seven percent and the onset of a migraine. Therefore, it is still a sentence, happy is a day, unhappy is also a day, why bother to make yourself so tired? Stress induces a migraine, headache is coming, not only the body is suffering from illness, but it is not helpful for work and life, affecting effectiveness. It is important to learn to release stress and regulate your emotions.
  3. Taboo: This is easier to understand. Foods like chocolate, ham, wine, cheese, coffee, etc. are common foods that have been found to be prone to migraine. Of course, this is also different from person to person. This raises the importance of the first "record". It records the food that I have eaten before my migraine. These foods will become a major "suspect" object if it is due to it next time. And triggered, basically can be sure that it is their own "table" food.

  Have migraine troubles, try to eat more foods rich in vitamin B2 and magnesium
  Researchers in Belgium and Luxembourg found that those who consumed vitamin B2 daily had a 37% reduction in the incidence of migraine compared with placebo, and the degree was reduced. This data is undoubtedly gratifying. of.

  Foods rich in vitamin B2 are also common in life, such as dairy products, animal offal, egg yolk, fish, some fresh green vegetables, such as spinach, carrots, mushrooms, seaweed, eggplant, celery, tomatoes, and other vegetables are also good. select.

  According to Nutrients, magnesium deficiency is associated with migraine attacks. Some experts pointed out that for those who do not want to take medicine to fight headache, eating more foods rich in magnesium can fight headache symptoms. These foods are pumpkin seeds, fish rich in unsaturated fatty acids, low-fat yogurt, black beans, and avocados.

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