How to get rid of irritating migraine with migraine treatment

Migraine treatment 
  The word migraine is believed to be familiar to everyone. Summer winds are sometimes there. It is really uncomfortable when it is attacked, and nothing can be done. It affects life. When I lived with my roommates, because they are If you study acupuncture, who has a headache, you can treat each other with a needle. However, the basic requirements of acupuncture are higher, and today we are introducing a relatively simple method.

  Migraine is a common disease and frequently-occurring disease. It is characterized by pain on one side or both sides of the head. The pain is severe and repeated during the attack. There are family genetic predispositions, often accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and a few with visual acuity. According to statistics, the incidence rate is the highest in 20-29 years old.

  Chinese medicine believes that the cause of migraine is caused by both external and internal injuries, or because of exogenous cold, or physical weakness, and feeling the evil, or gastrointestinal disorders, leading to qi dysfunction in the body, adversely affecting the brain. Hey, the blood is not running smoothly, but it is not good.

  The head is "the meeting of Zhuyang", which is the place where the six hands of the hand and foot are gathered together. At the same time, the head is "the house of Qingyang", which is the essence of the five internal organs, the gas of the six dynasties and the qi of Qingyang. If the external sense of six sinisters on the top of the scorpion, block the meridians, the qi of Qingyang is not running smoothly, or the internal injuries caused by the blood and blood, the sputum is blocked, the brain is lost, and headache can occur. "Su Wen, Tiaojing Theory" cloud: "The qi and blood are not harmonious, all diseases are born with change", qi and yin and yang disorders, meridians and collaterals are the factors that cause disease, so the treatment of diseases should balance qi and blood, balance yin and yang.

Nowadays, people come from a lot of pressures in work, study, life, etc. Stress is a major cause of migraine attacks. Many people are suffering from migraine under stressful conditions. Migraine is another thing that affects the quality of life.

Therefore, today we must teach you to combine the plum needle acupuncture and cupping therapy, which can effectively alleviate migraine, has the characteristics of safety and simplicity, and has no adverse reactions, can improve the curative effect and improve the quality of life of patients, only select the following One acupuncture point can be:

Yu Yu:

In the spinal region, under the 7th thoracic spinous process, 1.5 inches behind the posterior midline, bilateral nodules. Because some diseases have reaction points on the back, it can be pain points, cords, nodules, this is the treatment part, some friends have migraine, Yushu will have nodules, but this is not certain, some There is no one.

Then, what is the plum blossom needle sting? Let us introduce it to you:

Plum needle:

Plum blossom needle is a kind of skin needle. Because one end of the needle handle is equipped with 7 small needles, like plum, it is also called the seven-star plum blossom needle.

Plum blossom needle belongs to the shallow needle thorn method. It is a kind of acupuncture method for collecting a number of short needles and acupuncture points on the body. It is part of the acupuncture medical heritage of the motherland. It is the "semi-thorn" and "relief" in ancient China. The development of needles such as burrs has a wide range of clinical applications and has unique effects for many diseases. Plum blossom needle can be used as a home Chinese medicine treatment device, because it does not require professional operation, is easy to learn, and the treatment site is safe in the head, neck, arms, back, etc., and can be operated at home.

When using a plum blossom needle to stab, the skin should be routinely sterilized, the needle should be aligned with the spur site, the needle tip should be perpendicular to the skin, and the strength of the wrist should be used to spur the skin vertically and bounce and repeat. It should be noted that the stinging parts should be accurate and the force should be even. When stinging, the skin will be slightly flushed. Cupping does not necessarily cause bleeding. Generally, the amount of bleeding will not be too large. If it is, wipe it with gauze and disinfect it with iodophor.

Plum blossom needles are available in pharmacies and online. Nowadays, they are usually two-way needles. One end is a clustered seven-star needle, and one end is a scattered seven-star needle. The end of the bundle is close to the seven needle tips, which is less likely to be stabbed at the end of the scatter. Into the epidermis, can be used as needed.

Understand the plum needle acupuncture method, let us talk about the operation method of treating migraine:

Operation method:

Use a plum blossom needle to stab. If there are nodules or strips underneath, use a triangular needle to treat it, then use a medium-sized cupping to pull it on the lancing site. After 20 minutes, the can is taken. If it is bleeding, use a sterile cotton wool to dry the blood. The amount of blood is released until natural bleeding stops. The course of treatment is 2 times a week, 2 days apart, 2 times for 1 course, for a total of 4 courses.

The method of operation is simple, and it is treated with acupuncture points, which is very effective for the initial appearance of migraine. The Yushu Point is one of the eight sessions of the blood meeting. It is a place where blood is collected intensively. Here, the cupping and hemorrhage can be used to promote blood circulation and blood circulation.

Hua Tuo used ? ? point to treat Cao Cao's headache disease. The sputum sputum sputum has a good regulation effect on the cerebral blood vessels. In addition, ? ? ? ? ? ? can improve the patient's symptoms and relieve pain, its mechanism of action, may In order to improve the local microcirculation and regulate cerebral blood flow through the synergy of ? ? ? ? ?.

When cupping, pay attention to the body position. According to different parts, choose a cup with the right size. The cupping action should be steady, accurate and fast. Do not pull it when lifting the can. Also, pay attention to prevent burns on the skin, such as blisters on the skin. No need to deal with, to prevent the infection caused by scratching.

When a migraine is onset, first of all, keep calm, relieve psychological and mental fear, avoid anxiety and tension, and then try to stay in a dimly lit room, sitting on a recliner or a high-sleeper lying on the bed. Cold compress with the crotch. Those with severe headaches should rest in bed. They should pay attention to self-moderation, open-mindedness, and pay attention to work and rest, which can reduce migraine attacks.

The diet is light and easy to digest. Do not eat spicy, greasy and irritating products, eat more vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meat, eggs, etc., eat some foods that promote migraine, such as coffee, chocolate, dairy products, animal fats. Wait, strictly prohibit smoking, alcohol.

In hot and humid weather, it is advisable to adjust the room temperature so that the room temperature is maintained at 18 to 20 °C. Because the hot and humid climate is easy to cause people's mood to fluctuate, irritability, loss of appetite, causing autonomic dysfunction, and vasomotor dysfunction, which causes migraine.

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