Migraine: 4 reflexes to relieve the crisis

A migraine attack usually lasts between 4 hours and 3 days. There are certain things that can help you when the pain is intense, waiting for the medications to work.

Lie down in a dark, cool and calm room.

Apply a warm or cold wipe on the forehead or in the neck, whichever relieves you the most. You can opt for an anti-migraine headband: this coolant heat pad is applied on the forehead at the time of the crisis and can reduce the pain (on sale in pharmacies, about € 15).

Massage your temples with a little tiger balm. This ointment based on camphor and menthol is recommended during migraine attacks (on sale in organic shops).
Try chiropractic . Here are 4 chiropractic actions that can help you: 

1. Massage the trapezius muscle, around the neck and shoulders, to relax it and release muscle tension.
2. Apply medium thumb pressure to the base of the skull for a few seconds, several times in succession, to allow relaxation of the meningeal anchor points and attachment points of the trapezius muscle.
3. Massage your temples with your fingers to lower muscular tension at the temporal level.
4. Squeeze pressure just under the eyebrow arch, above the eye socket, at the eye nerve, for a few seconds to soothe the pain to the eyes.

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