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Not lengthy in the past, I became talking to an airframe and strength plant mechanic and he had to exit on his time without work and deal with an oil leak that spooked one of the pilots all through his preflight. It turned out that is it was a easy trouble, and it became constant proper away, however if he hadn't gone out on his break day in the course of the weekend, the plane could've been grounded. It seems the oil leak became nothing too serious, however the pilot become uncertain, and for his personal protection, and the safety of the very pricey $6 million plane he selected to now not fly it.

Okay so let's communicate about this for 2d, because maybe some of these oil leaks must be solving themselves. Back within the vintage days of the radial engines, there used to be a joke that if the airplane wasn't leaking oil, that changed into a in reality awful signal, and you should not fly it. In different phrases, they were not speculated to leak oil, but within the current age, we need the whole lot to paintings best all the time, and if oil is leaking, this is almost as if the human body is bleeding, and there may be a problem someplace, a problem which needs to be looked at. We can all keep in mind that right?

Still, what if we had a future nano tech answer for this hassle? Perhaps we ought to positioned nanoparticles at all of the fittings, and along the hoses, it is probably a coating of some type. When there has been an oil leak all the nanoparticles could get collectively and swarm the leak to stop the bleeding so to speak? Right now, we have bioengineered blood which coagulates in no time and seals up wounds for infantrymen. This of path is carried out through a human, possibly a medic, self-medicating, or via one of the soldier's pals at the battlefield. Perhaps inside the destiny all of this may be completed concurrently from within the uniform, but I digress.

It's now not that the digression wasn't wanted, or should not have been said however, because if we took that identical theory of that obvious future innovation and carried out it inside the cowling of an plane we could basically do the same component; self-restoration oil leak solving. Perhaps we must be thinking about this for pipelines, water lines, engines, and a number of different things. It makes feel, and destiny clever materials should be able to do that.

After all we've self-cleaning home windows, and titanium dioxide which routinely cleans stainless-steel kitchen system. It's now not such a far-fetched idea. Therefore, I ask which you please bear in mind all this and think on.

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